How Did Eugene Arhin Move From Zero to Hero in 4 years?

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Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, the President of Ghana has Eugene Arhin as his Director of communication. Eugene Arhin has gotten the nickname “Nana Addo’s boy” from many media houses and blogs. Nana Addo’s boy has been trending for all the wrong reasons.

Amidst the divorce served by his wife, the ridiculous claims and demand of properties by the wife, The concubines There is yet another story. Looks like life has decided to show Eugene it’s bitter side.

According to reports, his wife Gloria Arhin, said that as at the year 2016, Mr Arhin was squatting in his In-laws house before he moved to his house. Sources say that Eugene Arhin has a lot of properties in the country

He has so many houses accross the country and it has raised questions. People can’t help wondering “how did Eugene Arhin make his money?”. In just four years Eugene Arhin moved from being homeless to owning homes accross the country.


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