My husband made me ungergo permanent sterilization only to get people pregnant. – Gifty Arhin.

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Trending this week is the Divorce of the Director of Communication of the Presidency, Eugene Arhin. His wife has seeked for a divorce and her reasons are based on numerous counts of infidelity on his part.

Wife of the Director of Communications at the Presidency Eugene Arhin, Gloria Arhin has said that her husband tricked her into undergoing a procedure that has made her infertile.

According to her, her husband claimed he was not ready for any children after they gave birth to their third child and therefore convinced her to undergo the Tubal Ligation/Female sterilization; a procedure that makes it impossible for the petitioner to get pregnant again.

However, after undergoing the procedure, Gloria Arhin indicated that her husband who claimed not to be interested in giving birth to more children went ahead to impregnate one of his numerous concubines.

Apart from this she alleges that the Director of Communications at the Presidency beats her in the presence of their children and has since left their matrimonial home.

She indicated that her husband banned her from stepping foot on any of the landed properties are acquired during their marriage

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