Man and Woman weds under least occuring cirmcumstances

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A Union between a man and a woman has wowed the numerous people on popular Facebook group, Tell it All.

The wedding was that of one Kofi and Ama. In Ghana, the names Kofi and Ama are used to signify love birds. It is mostly used in reference to situations that involve both male and female version of a particular thing. Kofi and Ama are said to be soul mates. For this particular Kofi to meet his Ama is an occurrence that happens less often.

However, that is not the intriguing thing about this Union. Twenty six years ago, 1995 to be precise, both Ama and Kofi were primary two pupils in the same school who acted in a school Drama. In the sketch, Kofi and Ama played the role of husband and wife, dressed in a wedding gown and coat respectively to suit the occasion.

in a post on Facebook, one Maxwell Asare Anim shared pictures on behalf of the groom with the caption

Dear Ama.. I want to use this opportunity and this platform to thank you… We were in primary 2 by then(1995) when you and I staged a play which was organised by the school for our end of year anniversary. Since then, we have been best friends till date.. Here we are now. May God Bless our union. May God Bless you for staying glued to me in rain and shine. You are my world😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤

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