A popular rapper is married to a demigod: Ajagurajah

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Prophet Asiamah of Ajagurajah or chop bar church has made a claim that a popular rapper in Ghana is married to a demigod.He said in an interview with ZionFelix:“There is a popular rapper in Ghana. His wife is a demi-god and I’ll never stop saying it. He is dark in complexion and likes to wear dark sunglasses a lot. You’ll never hear any news about his wife. The day that rapper leaves his wife, he will go back to square one. If he thinks I’m lying, he should try it because it is her spirit that is backing his career. It is his wife’s spiritual backing that has brought him this far so when he wakes up every mo

rning, he kneels and worships her like a god and says thank you to her”.Who could this rapper be?


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