BB Bright defends colleague actress Roselyn Ngissah on the ‘mad lady’ saga

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Roselyn Ngissah is being roasted on the internet for allegedly pimping a young lady to not rich Nigerian Man. The young lady went mad after her hookup with the Richman.

A colleague actress of Nigssah, Bibi Bright, shared a comment on the matter confirming that such an incident had happened.

Bright, however, pointed out that Ngissah connected the lady and the rich man just as a mutual friend, but not as a pimp, adding that the actress did not gain any material benefit as being suggested.

She also revealed that Ngissah had also been supporting the lady’s family financially and emotionally.

The family decided to do a live video but unfortunately the live stream has been cancelled. A blogger following the story and also close to the family has promised to keep us updated


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