Lady goes mad Roselyn Ngissah “pimped” her to A Rich Nigerian Man.

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Popular Ghanaian actress, Roselyn Ngissah is in trouble over an alleged link-up she did between one lady and a rich man that went bad. The young lady that Roselyn pimped has gone mad after meeting with the Rich Nigerian Man.

The said lady is reported by an Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls, to have lost her senses after meeting and spending time with the rich friend of Ngissah.

Roselyn Ngissah

Ngissah is said to have linked the Ghanaian lady to a Nigerian man and she returned home and started behaving abnormally and mentioning the man’s name.

According to the blogger, the family has tried to get Ngissah to take them to the said man but she has refused.

Ngissah has only contacted the man and brought feedback that he is willing to pay for the cost of treatment for the lady.

The family, suspecting that the man might have used the lady for rituals, has refused to accept his offer of monetary assistance and insisted that he comes to see them.

Roselyn isn’t in denial of this and claims she has no hand in it. She believes the lady’s madness has no spiritual leads.


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