Ras Nene aka Like, was once an Armed Robber- Sunsum Ahuofe.( Video )

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Ghanaian Kumawood actor who is known in the industry for his scary looks, Sumsum Ahuofe has opened up on how Kumawood/Movie industry has assisted in changing the lives of many people. In an interview, the actor said that Ras Nene “the fastest rising Ghanaian actor cum comedian” was once a notorious armed robber who spent some if his time in jail

According to Sumsum, most of the actors who were brought to limelight through the movie industry were not born with silver spoon in the mouth. They were hustlers who lived their lives on streets before the industry changed their lives.

Speaking in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom Plus FM, he said Kumwood actors were not like Accra Gallywood stars who grew up in rich homes.

Sumsum Ahuofe mentioned Ras Nene who was once an armed robber and a land guard before venturing into acting. He further added that he was a chain smoker with many police cases around him in Kumasi.

He added that Ras Nene was known to be one of the notorious armed robbers who have served several jail terms in prison but has now changed after joining Kumawood.

Sumsum also talked about Kwaku Manu who was also a ‘galamsey’ miner but now a star because of the opportunities Kumawood gave him. He didn’t forget to talk about Agya koo’s “shoe shine” profession before joining Kumawood


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