Boris Johnson Faces Backlash From His Cabinet About The Reopening Of Schools In March

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Doing a mass-testing means most pupils won’t go back to school until April, teachers have warned about it, as Boris Johnson faces a growing backlash over plans to reopen classrooms in March 8, 2021.

Quite a number of heads are leading the call for a staggered return for pupils, insisting high schools with around 2,000 students would likely have to invite one year group back each week to carry out testing on such a scale.

Even if it should begin early next month as the Prime Minister proposes, such a process would not realistically be completed until the week of April 19, education bosses claim. 

The comments by Steve Chalke, founder of the Oasis multi-academy trust which runs more than 50 schools nationwide, comes as Mr Johnson is facing opposition to his plan for widespread, simultaneous returns from teaching unions and Matt Hancock.

Mr Chalke told a magazine (Telegraph):

“You need a waiting area, a testing area, a holding area, an administrative area and an isolation area for people who test positive”.

“You need to have someone in charge of it all, someone to assist with the testing, someone in charge of the collation of the data, someone in charge of the hosting area, someone in charge of waste disposal, someone to oversee the isolation area – it is quite an operation.”



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