Meet the inhaler lady, Princess aka Jasmine Turkson who makes 1000 cedis a day by acting sick.

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Some weeks ago, a woman on social media, Meesis Asante posted in a Facebook about a “helpless” pregnant lady she met on the street. Her name as of that time was Jasmine Turkson.( The inhaler lady)

According to Meesis Asante, she took the young lady to the hospital when she found her lying on the bare floor helplessly trying to reach her inhaler. Meesis Asante left her at the hospital with the intention to come back later. She came back for the “inhaler lady” only to be told she left.

The kind and soft hearted Meesis Asante took to social media to look for the young lady who she felt needed so much love and attention. Unfortunately, her search on social media led to a heartbreaking revelation, Jasmine Turkson ,aka Princess the inhaler lady is a fraud.

Meesis Asante revealed that a woman gave up her last fifty cedis to the inhaler lady when she also met her is a similar state to Meesis Asante. The woman gave the ‘inhaler lady’ her very last penny meant for her children. However, during that time the inhaler lady had Gh¢ 210 on her. It was around 7:00 am in the morning. Meesis Asante estimated that, the inhaler lady makes close to a thousand cedis daily.

Many of her victims came to share their experience with the inhaler lady under the post made by Meesis Asante.

Meesis Asante

So I posted a story here yesterday. Please to cut a long story short, she is a scammer, an actress. She always do this so she get money for the so called inhaler.
Be vigilant on the road and don’t be a victim. I know of her story few years back as inhaler lady but her act made me forget say is a scam. Over 20 people confirmed this as her job. Why will she waste my time and money at mount Carmel hospital? I was doing ninor ninor with my car yesterday driving crazily tru traffic thinking we are just about to loose pregnant woman😃😃.
I was going to give her my last money 500 in my bag but she vanished. 🙄🙄😴😴. God no go shame me.
The thing self funny me.😄😄😃😃😀.
This is an old picture. Now she has low cut.

Nathaniel Mensah (Ajeezay)

Eiii God she scammed us too … she has very interesting story about those two kids … ours was at mile 7 … last year : we even bought her a Fone and a chip …. just to continue to stay in touch and she said she was from OSINO !! we gave her car … herrrrr Edwuma no adi y3n🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️

Bin Gano

This same girl sometimes a go came to Ashaiman market with same kids pretending she’s begging. One of my sisters gave her some money, but trying to reach out to her customers not knowing this girl was timing the apron where they usually place their money and up she pick without her consent. Later she want to change money but, can’t found it . Come see gbege. We have to rush out of the market in search of her . Luckily we grabbed her taking trotro. What a shameless act.

Kofi Amposah

On Friday 4 February 2021 at about 4.30pm, I saw this lady lying in a distress position trying to reach her inhaler. Someone had offered her water and she seemed to have trouble reaching it. I asked our driver to stop and I got down with my colleague to help her. I helped her with her inhaler. After that I attempted to take her to Inkoom Clinic which was the closest medical facility close by. She beckoned me not to and asked for a polythene bag. We got her one and she breathed in and out into it. I asked for number to call and she gave me a number (0548681431..truecaller lists the number as suffering lady) claiming she was the Sister. I was quite surprised the so called sister seemed unperturbed. We drove around with her in our vehicle, gave her a nose mask and offered her food. She pretended she couldn’t walk and told us a cocktail of medication she was on. She even explained that since she has asthma the nose mask makes breathing difficult but she’ll wear it for our sake. She was quite selective with what to eat so I got my colleague to help her get come groceries from the Shell Shop. Since we are military men we intended to have her checked at 37. She actually vomitted at a point when we had parked to make some enquiries. Fast forward, we went to get something at Accra Mall and she asked to get off so she can go home since she had gone to wash for someone to get some money to buy medicine. She allegedly went into crises out of hunger. She claimed to have a child already and that she was 25 years or so old coming out of an abusive marriage. She also mentioned she was due in a month or two (she was pregnant). Her English was good and I was quite surprised. Although there were some red flags we decided to concentrate on her predicament. I called a doctor I know to discuss her cocktail of drugs and she was asked where she attended clinic….she mentioned Maamobi Polyclinic. So I gave her 200ghc for her medicine but she pleaded for an extra 50ghc since that is what will be sufficient for the medication, food and transportation home. I offered to get her a job if she wanted but the part of the conversation fizzled out somehow. I don’t regret helping her but I feel bad for the next person who may genuinely need help and not have it because of her irresponsible behaviour. When I saw her I thought humanity had lost it because of the bystanders but with this knowledge I think we have become inhumane because of people like her.

Thr inhaler lady is a mother of two son will another child on the way. She is currently at the Devtraco Police station.


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