“Nana Ama Mcbrown is unprofessional, Mona Gucci is fake”. Social media trolls the two after the recent edition of United showbizz

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Ghanaian TV presenter at Kantanka TV, Mona Gucci has completely been shamed and perhaps traumatized at the moment.The loud slay queen and television presenter has been exposed on the McBrown United Showbiz Show for faking as a lawyer all this while

It all started when Nana Ama McBrown boldly pointed to her to tell Ghanaians who she is!

She noted that there claims that Mona Gucci has been parading herself as a quack lawyer and demanded that she cleared herself. Mona claimed that she she attended Massachusetts School of Law and worked at Abigail Williams and Come as a Lawyer.

Apparently, that has generated a big problem for her as the Law School is unaccredited by the American Bar Association.

And checks reveal the law firm is actually Abigail Williams and Associates which has since been closed down over allegations of lawyers stealing money from clients.

After these Revelations, social media has said a lot about Mona Gucci. Some are laughing at her whereas the few are actually defending her.A thorne of social media users are blaming Nana Ama Mcbrown for being unprofessional. It looks like Nana And Mcbrown brought Mona Gucci to her show purposely to disgrace her.

Ghanaians rushed at Nana Yaa of Adom TV when she displayed the same uprofessionalism against Nana Ama this even led to her resignation from the firm she worked so hard for, it is quiet appalling to see her display the same act towards a fellow presenter.


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