Upcoming Artiste, Nana Essel Defrauds girlfriend of Gh¢10,000.( Video)

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A girl called Perpetual who claims to be the girlfriend of upcoming artiste Nana Essel has made allegations that her boyfriend, the Musician, has defrauded her an amount of GHC 10,000.

According to sources, Nana Essel’s girlfriend, Perpetual, is a shop keeper and has given an amount of GHC 10,000.00 out of the money that must be used to restock the shop to Nana Essel.

It is alleged that Nana Essel promised to use perpetual for music videos and managed to convince Perpetual to send him the money in order to fund the videos as well as help propel Nana Essel’s career.

But unfortunately, after Nana Essel took the money he decided to ignore Perpetual and used his side chick as the vixen for the video of a song he claimed was recorded for Perpetual. He has blocked Perpetual on various platforms.

This has left Perpetual going nuts for days as a video of Perpetual crying whiles trying to reach Nana Essel on phone is steadily spreading on social media.


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