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Controversial Socialite, self acclaimed queen of comedy and social media sesnsation, Afia Schwarzenegger has done it again. This time around the controversial celebrity has stormed the peaceful arena of Vivian Jill

One cannot tell what might have triggered the controversial entertainer to descend on the finest actress but from the videos, she has released on her official Instagram page, Vivian Jill Lawrence has ordered a group of people to deal with Afia Schwarzenegger hence her rant.

Afia in the video described Vivian as a whore who sleeps with men for worldly things. She was also heard alleging that Vivian should boldly come out and reveal the father of her sons because the one she has presented to the media as the father of her kids is not the one.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, the father of Vivian Jill’s kids is an NDC official and if Ghanaians doubt it, Vivian should prove it.

Watch the video below to know more;


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