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Instagram blogger, Okoro Blessing popularly known as Blessing CEO and mental health adviser has advised men to stop dating or thinking about marrying women who are hungry or women who needs support.

According to the founder of Make or Breakup, such women come into the relationship or marriage to eat or reap what they did not sow.

She made specific references of women who want a good life on a silver platter but do not want to work hard towards it. Blessing further noted that there are so many hungry women out there looking for men with means to feed them under the disguise of relationships.

She stated in her words;

“When you date a hungry woman, she will never be loyal to you. Anywhere she sees food, that is where her loyalty lies.

“Stop dating women who cannot fast at every slightest opportunity. You cannot come into somebody’s life only to be eating, eating, eating.

“Men, know the kind of women you want to help and the kind of women you want to love. Some women come into your life for help. Help them and go. Stop loving everybody that you help.”



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