Satan visited me over my support for LGBTQI : Bridget Otoo

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Bridget Otoo, a popular broadcast journalist took to Twitter to declare her support for the LGBTQI community and said that if it will send her to hell as most Ghanaians are saying, then so be it.

Few hours later after the tweet, a Facebook user by name Kwasi Takyi sent a dm to Bridget Otoo, warning her to walk away from the path she’s treading otherwise he will torture her (he tried to impersonate satan).

Bridget Otoo, known as a drama queen, welcomed Satan (Takyi) for revealing himself and thanked him for letting her known that he’s going to keep her company in hell.

She tweeted “When I wrote that I wanted to meet Satan, I didn’t expect it to be so quick. Imagine my surprise Last night when Satan visited me on Facebook. Unfortunately, Satan Woman supervillain has blocked me so he won’t see my response but I hope you share it with him.”


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