Being gay is not demonic: Ignatius Annor

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The Ghanaian journalist, Ignatius Annor, who came out on a live TV interview some days ago on being gay, has yet again made another point supporting the LGBTQI community.

“It’s about time Ghanaian realize gay people are normal people. We are like any other person. People should understand that to be gay or lesbian is not demonic. Not everyone was born heterosexual.

“There are people who were born to be gay, it doesn’t mean we are not God’s children. It’s a narrative that has been pushed around by people who hate us,” he said.

“It’s very troubling. Over the years, whenever the issue comes up, for lack of understanding, it generates unnecessary controversies that overshadows the very concerns of the LGBTQI community. We use terms that push the very concerns to the background,” Ignatius Annor stressed.


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