Beautiful Nurse runs mad after divorcing her old farmer husband for a young teacher

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A 25 year old Choma nurse who is yet to be deployed in government has ran mad after divorcing her husband (a farmer) of Mapanza who educated her from Grade 8 to college and opted to get married to a young teacher.

According to Nephan Muuka (the young brother to the mad woman), her sister Juliet Muuka ran mad 8 months after divorcing her husband who sponsored her from Grade 8 to to nursing college until she graduated in 2020.

He said shortly after she married the young teacher two months ago, she started seeing her former husband in her dreams demanding more than K150,000 he spent on her education.

“It was after the repeated dreams that my sister started undressing herself in public and eating left overs from dust bins”, said Nephan.

Incidences of young women running mad or being killed after dumping men who educated them are on increase in Africa.


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