Ebony’s Father decends on Pope skinny for calling his late daughter a lesbian.

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Father of the late Priscilla Kwarteng popularly known as EBONY, Badboy Kwarteng has descended on pope skinny for tarnishing the image of his beloved daughter

Pope Skinny recently in a live Facebook video alleged that Ebony died after making love to her female pal who died with her in the fatal accident. He boldly stated that Ebony was a lesbian and that led to her sudden death.

In reaction to these emotional accusations, Starboy Kwarteng has descended on the rapper in a latest interview with Fiifi Pratt 

According to him, Pope Skinny should back his allegations with evidence to prove to Ghanaians that her late daughter was a lesbian

He said;

“How could you say such shameless, disgusting things about my daughter? What evidence do you have? You can’t use my daughter’s memory to trend! If you don’t have anything nice to say about my late daughter, stop spewing rubbish!.”


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