Husband allegedly kills wife and runs into hiding

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A 29-year-old woman, identified as Margaret Sam was found dead In her matrimonial room at Olebu, a suburb of Accra on Friday, February 26.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Effia Tenge,the head of public Affairs Unit, Accra Regional Command, said on February 26,2021 a woman at Olebu reported to the police that she woke up to an offensive smell emanating from the room which haboured her son and his family. She named her son as Kofi Aboagye and his wife Margaret Sam. The couple have three children.

According to the woman,her son brought the children to her with the excuse that his wife had gone out and he was also going in pursuit of a chauffeur job. That was the last time she saw either of them.

According to police reports given to DSP Tenge, the door to the said room had flies hovering all over, the room was locked from behind so the poluce had to force their way in.

Upon entry, they discovered the remains of Margaret Sam. Her head and neck were tied in a cloth. Also at the crime scene was a hammer, a kitchen knife and a substance which is believed to be dried blood.

Kofi Aboagye is no where to be found. Efforts are being made by the police for his arrest. The body is currently at the Police Hospital morgue for preservation and investigation.


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