Breaking News: Auditor General has been forced to go on pension.(photo)

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A lot has happened since he was controversially ordered to go on leave, an action with which we vehemently disagreed, as expressed in our Press Statement dated 9th July 2020.

The purpose of this release is to set out some of these developments that have happened in his absence, and to show how much work is cut out for him, for the remainder of his term of office.

First, we note with much concern, that the exercise of the Auditor-General’s power to disallow and surcharge appears to have gone on leave with Mr Domelevo.

The most recent Report of the Auditor-General on MDAs for 2019, which was published in his absence, barely mentioned disallowances and surcharges.

Yet it contained the usual retinue of infractions that should have attracted disallowances and surcharges in accordance with article 187(7) of the Constitution and in compliance with the 2017 Supreme Court decision in OCCUPYGHANA V ATTORNEY-GENERAL.

There appeared to be a clear nosedive or volte face, an attempt to return to the dark days before the Supreme Court decision when Auditor-General Reports were an exercise of empowered impotence, and successive Auditors-General had meekly abandoned their disallowance and surcharge powers by merely making recommendations in the face of blatant thievery, and to which recommendations were paid slight attention and scant regard.

However ,upon the return of the Auditor General,asked by a letter from the office of the president


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