” If you accept the supreme Court Judgement I will burn your house” -Ibrah One to Mahama

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After the 2020 general election’s results were declared by the EC chairperson, madam Jean Mensah, the former President John Mahama and the NDC refused to accept the validity of the results.

The filed a petition at the Supreme Court of Ghana and the case is being looked at in Court.

Although the Court hasn’t declared it’s final verdict, self-acclaimed seer and investigator, Ibrah One has stated emphatically that if John Mahama mistakenly accept the result from the Supreme Court he will burn the former President’s house.

Well he didn’t disclose whether the results will favour John Mahama or not but he is concerned about him not accepting the results.

Ibrah One added that he is patiently waiting for the  Court case to be over so he can expose all the judges who took $1.7m as bribe from the President of Ghana, Nana Addo to rule in his favour.


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