“Akuffo Addo is building a cathedral for God instead of building Hospitals for the sick. God is angry” – Blakk Rasta.

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Reggae musician and Radio personality, Abubakar Ahmed well known as Blakk Rasta has said that the wrath of God will come on President of Akufo-Addo for finding happiness in building a Cathedral when people do not have access to quality health care and education.

According to Blakk Rasta, people are dying because of the lack of quality health care but Nana Addo is insisting on building a National Cathedral.

Speaking in an interview with Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio, he said that it was baffling a Finance Minister who is providing money for the building of the Cathedral was flown out of the country to seek medical attention.

“We have a Finance Minister who fell ill and had to run all the way to America and some other places for treatment: why didn’t he run into that Cathedral for treatment? Why are students not running into the cathedral to get books and pens?”

“If manner could fall out of the roof of the cathedral, then we would understand. The long and short of it is that even God is angry with Nana [President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo]. How can you build a cathedral when people are dying?”


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