Do Research on your Husband Before You Get Married To Him – Comedian Katherine Ryan Advices Over Meghan’s Marriage Controversies

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Katherine Louisa Ryan is a Canadian comedian, writer, presenter and actress based in the United Kingdom. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey sparked a wave of fevered social media reaction as millions tuned in to watch the explosive interview last night. 

Memes and witty tweets flooded the internet in the wake of the bombshell tell-all chat. ITV’s hotly-anticipated broadcast saw people in the UK get their first chance to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s conversation with Oprah in full, nearly 24 hours after it was first aired in the US on CBS.

Comedian Katherine Ryan tweeted;

“RESEARCH – and I can’t stress this enough – YOUR HUSBAND.”

Another social media user joked;

“Turn Buckingham Palace into a princess Diana themed gay bar’, while one added: ‘what about turn it into the set for RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

And others suggested the writers of Netflix hit The Crown were furiously getting to work on new scripts after watching the interview.  

Some joked that Jeremy Kyle, who hosted The Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV from 2005 to 2019, should be called in to resolve the disputes between the royals – and get them to take one of his famous lie detector tests. 

Below is the Twitter post by Comedian Katherine Ryan @Kathbum ;

Twitter post by Comedian Katherine Ryan

Commenting on the programme which first aired overnight at 1am UK time on CBS, one viewer said: ‘Treacherous! Actually allowing a woman to appear on primetime TV just to slag off the Royal Family!’

Another user added;

“So Meghan is expecting the world to believe that she didn’t look into Harry’s life at all? She knew nothing of the royal family? What an actress she is! She’s fooling no one in this little innocent victim act entering into a world she hadn’t a clue about.”



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