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A video ciculating on social media has captured a young man reported to be a student of the University of Ghana (Legon) suffering a big embarrassment on campus.

A pregnant lady purported to be his girlfriend has stormed the campus to confront him over the pregnancy. In a video that went viral on Instagram, the pregnant lady dressed in black accosting the student and shouting at him. From the video, the guy was in no mood to talk to her.

In a bid to swerve the lady, the young man removed his t-shirt and left it for her. But she still followed and dared him to touch her and the baby.

Hit me and hit the baby as well,” she was heard saying before holding the boy by his trousers and boxer shorts. The young man who was overwhelmed by the lady’s behaviour wondered by she had to come all the way to the campus to put up such behaviour. It took the intervention of an elderly man and another young man to separate the embattled student who was shirtless at the time.


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