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The Ghana School of Law is an educational institution in Ghana for training lawyers. The school is the only one that provides training for law graduates in the Barrister at Law program.The president of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana School of Law, Philemon Laar, has resigned from his position on the orders of school authorities after failing one of his papers.

In a letter to Philemon Laar, management said he can no longer hold himself out as SRC head having failed his PLC Part 1 exams.

“This decision has been premised or based on the fact that Mr Philemon Laar was not successful at the recently held PLC Part 1 Exams and has to repeat Part 1. Consequently, he cannot hold himself out as president of the SRC. He is hereby advised to resign,” the letter signed by the registrar, Ghana School of Law, Juliet Adu-Adjei, said.

The SRC has since been directed to hold a bye election. “Until then management will not be in any position to deal or engage with the SRC with Mr Laar as president,” the letter stated.


Philemon Laar has acknowledged receipt of the letter and resigned. However, he said he has been treated unfairly because he has requested for remark and waiting for the outcome.

In a letter announcing his resignation, Laar said the position taken by the school’s management, is an affront on the constitution of the SRC and represents undue interference in the affairs of students.

“The withdrawal of recognition of me as President and the accompanying actions prejudices the outcome of my application for remarking which in itself has delayed unduly contrary to the timelines provided in the students’ handbook,” he stated. Laar said in his letter that he had applied for a remarking and the results are yet to be released and that the management was unwilling to engage with the SRC if he remained President.



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