Teenage boy who’s finger got stuck on sakawa ring narrates his ordeal.

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Some days ago, it was all over in the news that a young boy is on the verge of losing his life after wearing a sakawa ring that cannot be removed from his finger. It was reported that the ring demands the blood of a newborn baby.

Later on, a malam came to his rescue and perform several rituals to pull the ring of his hand.

The young man, Emmanuel Otabil, who suffered this tragedy has narrated what transpired during that period.

In response to what actually transpired when asked in an interview by Kofi Adoma in Angel TV , he said he picked the ring from a friend’s table after they had finished playing a video game at Kasoa. He went on to say that the ring is not supposed to be worn when sleeping but unfortunately, he slept with it and what he woke up to see is a swollen finger.

According to him, his swollen finger instilled fear in him so he called a friend to help him pull off the ring by cutting it with a hacksaw blade but none of their efforts proved futile.

He added that it took an incantation of a spiritualist to pull off the ring and return it to the owner.

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