President Joe Biden faces US-Mexico Border problems

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Before President elect Joe Biden took the presidential oath of office in January, he faced two massive, related crises – the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting economic fallout.

Those were the challenges beign anticipated. Now, however, the president is confronting his first political and policy crisis from a different direction – on immigration, as the US-Mexico border experiences yet another surge in undocumented entries.

The nature of the crisis is hardly novel, as most recent presidents have grappled with some kind of immigration-related challenge during their time in office. For Biden, however, it comes at a moment when he would prefer to focus elsewhere.

Politics doesn’t care what politicians would prefer, however. The immigration situation has the potential to derail Biden’s other best-laid plans, as he is squeezed by criticism from Republican foes and some within his own party.

Speaking to reporters in the White House briefing room on Monday, press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that the current situation on the US-Mexico border has become a “big problem”.

The overall number of undocumented migrants encountered on the US border is higher than at the same point in any of the previous three years – and growing at a faster pace toward the traditional peak entry time in late spring.



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