Counselor Lutterodt impregnated 6 Women – Man accuses.

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Counsellor Lutterodt has come under serious fire as a man claims he was sacked from a church because he was sleeping around with a number of women

While on NO.1 FM’s Showbiz Show, a panellist named Kwaku Amedome claimed that he knew Counsellor Lutterodt during his time at his former church- a church the Counsellor was sacked from.

In a conversation about domestic violence, Kwaku expressed that violence against women could not only be physical but verbal as well.

He asserted that Counsellor Lutterodt is a glorified abuser of women and one main culprit of verbal abuse against women in the country.

In his speech, Amedome indicated that the media had persistently given Lutterodt the platform to denigrate women and abuse them verbally.

To add salt to injury, Amedome revealed that Counsellor George Lutterodt was only portraying his true nature and his disrespect towards women in his utterances.

The panellist disclosed that the Counsellor, who was the leader of the choir at a former church, was sacked for dating 5 women at a time and impregnating a sixth.

Apparently, the sixth victim who he had asked to abort the pregnancy, reported him to the Head Pastor who dismissed him from the church.

Kwaku Amedome added a disclaimer that he was solely responsible for his statement and was ready to defend himself should any legal action be taken against him regarding the issue


Source: GHPAGE


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