Smart lockdown imposed in two sub-division districts in Pakistan

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Owing to the increasing number of coronavirus cases, smart lockdowns have been imposed in two sub-divisions of Kemari District in Karachi.

According to a notification issued in this regard, the smart lockdowns will remain in place in the affected union councils (UCs) till April 4, 2021.

Smart lockdowns have been imposed in three UCs of Baldia Town, including UC-5 of Saeedabad, UC-3 of Islam Nagar, and UC 1 of Gulshan-e-Ghazi, the notification said. Akin to that, a smart lockdown has also been imposed in two UCs of the SITE area, including UC-6 of the Frontier Colony UC-4 of Metrovil.

Picture of the ltter by the Government of Sindh to public Notification

The lockdown was imposed in all five areas upon the confirmation of one coronavirus positive patient in each one of the union councils.

The notification further said that the lockdown was imposed in the respective lanes of the affected union councils after the district health officer indicated those areas as coronavirus hotspots.

All people entering and exiting the designated areas will have to mandatorily wear a face mask, the notification said, adding that unnecessary movement in affected USCs, pillion riding on motorcycles, and ban on commercial activities.



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