Lady f!ng£red by Counselor Lutterodt on UTV finally speaks (VIDEO)

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The lady who allowed herself to be fingered by Counselor Lutterodt on live TV has finally reacted after the video of the counselor mishandling her went viral on all major social media platforms.

It goes without saying that George Lutterodt has ignited conservation about sexual morality after his xrated moves on UTV’s recently launched adult TV program RED LIGHT.

In the program that seeks to educate married couples on love-making and sex, The controversial counselor in an attempt to educate viewers practically fondled a lady on the show.

In his attempt, Counselor Lutterodt used an international model, Naomi Gold who has identified @naomi_gold_campbell on Instagram.

The said lady has been heavily scrutinized by Ghanaians especially women who argue that a lady can not stoop so low to the extent her genitals are fondled right in front of the public on a Television that has a lot of viewers

Well, the lady has finally cleared the air that she wasn’t fingered by Counsellor Lutterodt as it has been widely reported. According to her, she can never do such a thing because she is an international model.

She insisted that Ghanaians have a dirty mindset which makes them think and believe that she was practically f!ng£red live in the studios of UTV.

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Source: AdepaTv


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