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Meet Nana Yaa Ohenewaa Kuffuor, The beautiful Model who proved that Autism is never an obstacle to attain your goals. Together with her family, Beautiful Nana Yaa has conquered the fear of Autism and have helped many people living with Autism through counseling and other supports.

Nana Yaa Ohenewaa Kuffuor

To mark the World Autism day, 2nd April, Nana Yaa Mother, took to her Facebook page, My Journey With Autism to share stunning photos of her beautiful daughter.

Nana Yaa’s Mom

She wrote:

April 2 is World Autism Day!

My family have been affected by Autism
A Neuro developmental disorder that affects the way people socialize,communicate and make meaning of the world around them.
It’s has been nearly 18 years of advocacy,struggles, joy, smiles and celebrations.

It is never a mistake that I was chosen for this divine role.
Raising a child with autism bring you back to the bare basics where being kind, helpful, patient and loving are the most important attributes.

It forces you to reevaluate and abandon the life you may have envisioned and begin a new, untraveled, unplanned path. You don’t know where this path ends, but you just grab your child’s hands and head on down.

The struggles makes us stronger.
To learn more on the condition visit our Facebook website myjourneywithautism org or call Mary on 0244988977.
I present to you Nana Yaa Ohenewaa Kuffour.

Check out her photos.


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