Kasoa Teenage killers- Television Mallams are to be blamed, let’s Ban them.- Ghanaians react

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Two teenage boys, namely Nicholas Kini and Felix Nyarko, age 16 and 15 respectively were in the news for killing a 10 year old boy, Ishmeal.

Eye witness Account:

The duo stay right opposite the victims house…so they usually send him on errands and play with him. On that faithful morning, after the boy had eaten and went out to play, they called him into an uncompleted building and hit his head with a pick axe stick…then went on to hit him severally with broken blocks…after that they buried him there, one of them was faint hearted so he was feeling guilty and went to confess to his father…his father then sent for the other one and then locked them up in his room. He then proceeded to call people to go to the spot where his son had told him they buried the body. After the body was retrieved, he called the police to come for them….small boys ooo

This came in very surprising to everyone. They didn’t know what will motivate young children, what kind of financial pressure will make these boys take such dreadful and heartbreaking actions to make quick money.

After scrutinizing the situation, the majority has blamed the action of these children as well as other ritualists on the Media, The promotion of this voodoo Money Mallams have become so common on our screens that about 70% of Ghanaian TV stations allow their platforms to be used.

Ghanaians have decided that it will be best if the media stopped showing and promoting these money Mallams.


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