Isaac Kyei Andoh calls out Medikal for neglecting a young man who got hurt during his program.

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Ghanaian Writer, Isaac Kyei Andoh has called for the attention of Popular Ghanaian Musician, Medikal, to come to the aid of a young man named Frank Arthur, who was hit by a huge sound speaker at an event organized by Medikal and his crew

Isaac Kyei Andoh writes

Dear Medikal


Today is your birthday, I don’t know how old you are, but I believe that you are old enough to know that which is right even when you can get away with the wrong. Happy Birthday, I wish you well.

Medikal, as you pop expensive champagnes and chew lobsters and every meat/fish meant for the affluent in society, as you prepare to tell us about the expensive surprise received from that special person, I want to remind you of Frank Arthur. I hope the name rings a bell?

Two years ago at your maiden “This Is Sowutuom” event, a huge sounds speaker fell on a 19 year old boy and rendered him paralysed completely. You definitely remember this boy.

On this day, as you make merry, with zero thought of the downside of life, I want to remind you that on your account, this boy has been down and immobile for two years.

It was at your program that he suffered this accident, it was at your program that this 19-year-old boy broke his spinal cord and became what can best be described as a vegetable. Frank was working and taking care of himself before he came to your event, it was the result of shoddy work on the part of your team that led to this. To be fair, you supported him in the beginning, you paid part of his medical bills. But you know very well that whatever help you offered was not enough.

You cannot grow tired when the life that lost its course is still in pain, you cannot turn your back at this helpless young man just because we are in a country that makes getting away with such things rewarding than taking responsibility. Two weeks ago Frank went into coma, he regained consciousness after a week or so, the sore at his back and butt due to him lying on the bed perpetually is getting worse.

Frank needs help, he needs support to cater for his medical bill, bills you Medikal should be paying. Every day we see you flaunt your wealth, we see you give out expensive gifts to people who probably done need them because it would make you trend.

Helping Frank is trendy, it human, it is a sign that you are a man who takes responsibility.

Today, you celebrate life, you are celebrating a journey of life that has seen you chalked some victories. On the other hand, Frank Arthur has been denied his crack at the good life, if you were never born, Frank would probably not suffer this pain.

I am by no means suggesting that you are to blame, fate happens. Unfortunately, though, it was your event that led to this, that alone should place on you a sense of responsibility. You are duty-bound to reach out to the boy, it is immoral to flaunt your wealth in our faces when a young man who is bedridden because of you needs just a fraction of that for an improved life.

Frank doesn’t look like he can ever walk again, just help him to manage rolling on his bed.

If there is any day humans need reflection on life and be humble, it should be birthdays, amid the merrymaking, we should be humbled by our progressive exit from this space. If we can do a thing to make the short life of the other better, it should not renege.

If the case is like that of Frank Arthur, then it is inexcusable to turn your back at him.

What goes around doesn’t always come around, carma is a mere coincidence

What we cannot escape though, is the torture from our conscience, unless like Frank, you have managed to render that one too stale. I want to believe that you haven’t gone this far, prove that you are still human, prove that you still have a heart, look the way of Frank, he needs to smile too, he needs to relive the experience of a day without pain because, for almost years, he has been deprived of this basic human right.

I am not asking you to do him a favour, I am asking you to take up a responsibility you want to overlook. I am forced to use a means that looks like a plea because is Ghana, Frank may not be alive to benefit from any judgement if it is to go his way.

So far, the postponements have favored you, a victory over a dying boy is dishonorable.

Get the boy some help

I pray this day of your birth brings you to the corridors of thinking place, the place where human life counts.

You have the money, nothing stops you from doing the right thing.

Remember, as you celebrate life today, you have left another for dead.

Cc: Criss Waddle
Fella Makafui

NB: the pics can mess up your day, you are advised.

frank Arthur
current state of Frank Arthur’s bottom


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