Ailing ‘tallest man’ Awuche pleads for medical support

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The family of 27-year-old Sulemana Abdul-Samed is appealing for financial support to enable them to seek medical treatment for their son.

Sulemana is suffering from suspected gigantism which causes abnormal growth, notably in height.

Suleman’s aunt, Rukayatu Saali says the family is in financial bankruptcy to pay medical bills.

“When they gave birth to him, he was very handsome, but after he completed Senior High School, he went to Accra.

It was after he came back from Accra that these abnormalities occurred to him.

She Rukayatu said seeing Awuche in his current condition causes her to cry everyday.

Madam Rukayatu added that the family hasn’t been able to send him to the hospital for the past years due to financial constraints.

“We need people to come to his aid to improve his condition because empty hands cannot put out fire, you need to have water before you can put out the fire.”

Awuche, according to madam Rukayatu can’t stand for long without being seated, saying he doesn’t feel right at all.

“If I have to talk about Awuche’s good deeds, we can’t finish them today. He is living well with me. I am his aunty. His father and I share same father.

JoyNews’ Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen highlighted the tall tale of Sulemana Abdul-Samed alias Awuche in an earlier report.

The story stirred national discussion on social media with many people calling for public support.

Awuche’s Aunt wants the general public to come to their aid.

“We call upon you, to help us send him to a better facility to get him cured.”

Source: Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen.


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