I am going to Appeal against my clients 90-days jail term – Akuapem poloo lawyer

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Lawyer Andy votia, Legal practitioner of Akuapem Poloo has expressed his displeasure over the jail term punishment metted out to his client. He says he wants to appeal against it.

speaking with the press after Akuapem Poloo’s sentence, Lawyer Andy stated that the idea and the state of punishment given to Akuapem Poloo is something that he cannot accept. He stated that he was going to appeal for a lighter sentence.

He further went on to say that, he was waiting on the final call of the Judge before he forwards his appeal.

Akuapem Poloo will undergo Covid-19 tests before she will be sent to Ankaful prison of she tests Negative.

In fact, appealing this ruling is an option for us. For me, I want to go for an appeal

~ Lawyer Andy Votia


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