Kofi Mole celebrates his birthday with Autism kids

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Rapper Edward Kofi popularly known as Kofi Mole spends his birthday with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder to show his support for Autism Awareness.

Edward Kofi Agyemang Amoah known by the stage name Kofi Mole, is a hip hop and afrobeats artiste from Ghana. He was awarded the Next Rated Act at the 2019 3Music Awards held in Accra.

On April 16th, 2021, the rapper and his team visited Autism Awareness Care and Training Center located at Haasto, Accra to celebrate his birthday with the Autistic children at the center. Not forgetting, April is World Autism Awareness Month.

During his visit, he donated several items, including toilet papers, liquid soaps, paper towels, hand sanitizers, antiseptics, detergents, etc. He also provided the children with meals and had lunch with them, after which he engaged them in several fun activities like drumming, singing, dancing, and gaming.

Rapper Mole donating items to the Autism centre

It was so beautiful to see how engaging this visit was as Kofi Mole teaches the children to drum, clap, dance.

During his interaction with Multi Media at the premises, Kofi Mole disclosed that he has a nephew with Autism, and that was what inspired him to do this. He further explained that people with Autism are not sick or abnormal, but they are like every other person and must be treated as such.

He then pleaded with the Ghanaian society to create room for the autism population to thrive by accepting their differences. Kofi Mole insisted that children with Autism are brilliant and possess unique talents that the world needs.

Following this statement, he expressed how he was amazed to see some beautiful artworks, beads, and hand-made mats that were made by these children and showed his support to their works by purchasing some of these items for himself.


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