Delay reveals she will give birth at age 48

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In an attempt to ask her guest (Anita Akufo) when she intends to getting married, Delay revealed that she will give birth at age 48.

The 38-year-old TV presenter who has been pestered with marriage and childbirth over a long period of time said at age 48, she will be fulfilled enough to start making babies.

“When do you intend to settle down? Or you want to achieve all your targets before starting a family?” she asked Anita.

Just when the TV3 presenter was about to answer, Delay said: “That’s the trend nowadays. People settle down after 40. For instance, I have made up my mind that I’ll give birth at age 48.”

Anita in a response said: “When I was young, I wanted to settle down in my 20s but the more you grow, the more things change. But I’m pretty much sure that I’ll be married before 30.”


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