Marijuana abuse caused my mental breakdown: celebrity mad man “Mo na mo bl3” says

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Samuel Kofi Ampofo, a popular mentally unstable man, has revealed that the cause of his predicament is as a result of drug abuse.

According to the man known for the ‘Mona Mo Ble’ mantra, the excessive use of cannabis affected his mental health hence the reason he is usually unstable mentally.

Samuel Ampofo, who resides at Akim Oda in the Central Region of Ghana, however, disclosed that he has tried on several occasions to stop the act but always finds himself having the urge to smoke after making the resolution to quit.

“Yes, it’s true I smoke, I sometimes stop smoking but go back to it.” He disclosed in an interview with Kofi TV.

When asked by the host why he goes back to smoking if he makes the effort to put a stop to it, he answered, “the devil finds work for the ideal hands, and if you don’t have God, you do things that wouldn’t be beneficial”.

When his father was asked about when and how the mental issues began, he disclosed that Samuel’s situation started when he was in form two (2) during which he was always preaching the word of God of which usually did not make sense.

“It started in form two. When it started, he preached the word of God, some of which didn’t make sense. But he was never violent and has never been violent. His brains were just not like that of his other siblings.”

According to Mr. Yaw Mensah, the father of ‘Mona Mo Ble’, his son was taken to Ankaful for treatment but because of the way he interacted with and answered the doctor when asked questions, he wasn’t admitted.

“When I realized how he was going wasn’t normal, I took him to Ankaful. A test was conducted on him and every question that was asked, he passed. And he wasn’t violent. He was only treated and discharged”.

Several Ghanaians who have come across some of Samuel Ampofo’s viral videos have downplayed assertions that he is a “mad man” stating that he is just a man with dreadlocks because he speaks with lot of sense.


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