“She deserves a year jail term” – Hon Kennedy to Poloo

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The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has backed the Accra Circuit C decision in jailing Rosemonde Brown for 90 days over her nude photo with her son on his seventh birthday on instagram last year.

He continued by saying;

“This should serve as a deterrent, posting yourself naked at the first place makes you cheap and to post it on social media for what?, Bathing with your son is okay but to put it to public… Anyone who pose naked should be jailed, Hon Kennedy stated on Monday evening.”

He stated all this on his Telecommunication network ”The seat show” whiles addressing other pressing issues of the state.

He also pin pointed so called celebrities who flaunted their wealth on social media as cheap people. He added that “As for me if you’re a celebrity, I don’t have a problem but there should be some form of respect around you.”

He further added that ” some of them sit in planes and snap photos of bags and other stuffs for what? He questioned.

He also queried the women’s right activist for not attaining the right to defend Poloo’s act for it is very shameful and needs serious sanctions.

“No woman can even talk about this insightful thing a fellow woman had done, It is shameful” stressing on the 90 days as being lenient and needs a year jail term.


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