I think about your perfectly formed body every day – Stephanie Benson tells Delay

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UK-based Ghanaian international singer, Stephanie Benson has expressed love to Presenter extraordinaire Deloris Frimpong Manso-Delay in a manner that has got everyone talking on social media.

Speaking in a video shared by herself, Stephanie Benson stated in a passionate mien how obsessed she is towards Delay.

She recounted that since the first day she set eyes on the popular presenter, her heart calls her name each day. In fact, she is in love.

Stephanie further disclosed she was mesmerized at her initial meeting with Delay at a scheduled interview about 2 years ago and to date has strong feelings for the presenter.

“…after I saw her few minutes I could hear nothing. I just saw your face and your lips and I was transfixed and mesmerized. I was in love. I just wanted to taste your lips….” Benson explained in the video.

According to her, she wishes to have Delay all by herself, get hold of her sought after curvy body and do whatever she wants with it, thus kissing and touching it to her maximum satisfaction.

“Till now I dream about you Delay. You’re my thoughts, you’re my dreams, you’re my lovemaking. I dream about you with your perfectly formed body in my hands touching it, kissing it, stroking it” Stephanie said.

One may ask what could have triggered the desire for Stephanie to come on social media to boldly express such feelings towards the media personality. Ah! well, the answer can be best given by her.


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