Just In: Former Bishop of LHCI and 5 others allegedly complains of the church’s refusal to pay their SSNIT contributions

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Former Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International, Mr. Larry Odonkor, is uneasy about his birthday, which falls on July 9. He will turn 45, but the fear of growing old in itself is not his headache as he marks four and a half decades.

Speculations trolling the mouths of Ghanaians were;

“Forty-five is a number that forces him to take his life and those of his dependents into account. Has he achieved his purpose? Has he put his children on the path of success? Has he saved enough for his future? Has he prepared for pension”?

Picture of Bishop Larry Odonkor

Alleged information indicates that Bishop Odonkor does not walk alone in this regard.Five of his colleagues in the ministry— a bishop, three reverend ministers, and a pastor—were not paid their Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions in full. Some did not have even a single month of their SSNIT contributions paid at all.

Together, these six ministers of God laboured for a cumulative 42 years and five months without the payment of their pension contributions, which employers are mandated by law to pay on behalf of their employees.They worked in Lighthouse but their future, life after retirement is dark, they say.


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