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Last night on UTV’s “United Showbiz,” comedian DKB came close to walking off the show when one of the panelists, Halifax Ansah Addo, implied that he had a disorder called BHSS (Big Head Small Sense).

About the fact that Halifax, who hosts Okay FM’s “Best Entertainment Show,” did not specifically suggest DKB has a large head and little sense, his remark came shortly after DKB had made a remark, and DKB took considerable offense.

DKB demanded that Halifax redraw the statement and apologise to him because the remark was in poor taste, particularly because it was made on live television in front of a large audience.

Halifax needed some convincing because he was pretending to be clever, but he finally gave in and apologised to DKB because he didn’t want the show’s reputation to be tarnished because he worked with Despite Media himself.


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