Prince Charles calls on World leaders to help India amidst their Covid-19 surge cases

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India has reached the devastating figure of 200,000 coronavirus deaths, with the pressure on many hospitals showing no sign of abating amid a surging second wave.

The number of fatalities is thought to be far greater, with many not being officially recorded.Oxygen supplies remain critically low across the country, with the black market the only option for some people.Crematoriums are operating non-stop, with makeshift pyres in car parks.

Picture of India’s frontline workers

Prince Charles has called on world leaders to ‘help India’ as he said he was ‘deeply saddened’ by photographs revealing the toll of coronavirus on the country. Heir to the throne Charles said the British Asian Trust, which he founded in 2007, has launched an Oxygen For India emergency appeal.

The prince said: ‘Like many others, I have a great love for India and have enjoyed many wonderful visits to the country. Indian aid and ingenuity has been a support to other countries through this immensely difficult time.

There have been at least 300,000 new infections every day in the past week, with more than 360,000 new cases in the past 24 hours on Wednesday. Overall, more than 17.9 million cases have been registered.


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