Man abandons his family, he claims one of his twins looks like a rat. (Photos)

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Very weird and unbelievable as to how a man can leave his wife he impregnated out of which she gave birth to twins. These marriage breakups do happen and these same offsprings drag us into a situation where we would not like at all but we have no option.

Our focus today is on 37 year old woman, Jane, whose husband left her because she gave birth to a baby which many refer to as ” a rat” .

According to Jane, she is a mother to two children. On of her child has a health problem that affected her growth, unlike her twin sister. Surprisingly, her two children are twins but one will not notice this just by looking at them due to their difference in size.

Jane and her children were abandoned by her husband once she gave birth to this disabled child who was not liked by her father at all, and up to date, they do not know his whereabouts.

It all started 9 years ago when she met her husband who was in love and promised each other heaven on earth. They did not have a lot of money but they rented a house which was not all that good but they were fine and were not a lot worse at it. Within a short time, she got pregnant and they were both happy about it and started taking care of their unborn baby.  

A few months later, they started going for medical check- ups and the doctor always told her to expect aspect a baby girl but never mentioned twins.

Nine months later, her pregnancy was due and she was sent to the hospital. She pushed her first baby out and they all thought it was done. A few minutes later, she felt that something was coming and she quickly called the doctors. When the doctors arrived and examined her, they realized that there was a second baby in her coming.  

When she pushed out the baby, it was as small as the rat and it was even hard for doctors to check if its heart was pumping.

The doctors instructed Jane to remove whatever she was wearing and was instructed to put the baby on her chest to see if it was a human. This was where the baby spent apart of its first day. They tried feeding the baby with a lot of milk to see if it could gain some weight which it failed and asked her to carry her children home. The baby needed to be breastfed, and treatment was possible if it was a little older.  

She carried her babies home but her husband was not happy at all with the disabled baby.

She wanted to get rid of the baby since some people told her that the baby was not going to survive even for a week. Some saw her and they started laughing at her and the baby. Some of them called it a snake, rat, and a lot more. Each kept hurting her but there was nothing she could do about it. Surprisingly, the baby survived and she lived far longer than anyone expected.

When her husband could not take this anymore, he woke up one day and walked away and this is how he abandoned them. Jane kept wondering how she was going to survive with these children because her husband was the only one in the family working. He paid for rent and anything that the family needed.

A few months later, she took the baby to the hospital since it was the proper time for its treatment but the doctors said if she did not have health insurance, there was no way they were going to treat that baby.

She went back home with a lot of pain wondering how her daughter was going to survive without treatment. At this point, she had started thinking about how to get rid of this baby. She one time planned to throw her in the forest but she could not. As soon as she got home, they were kicked out of the house since the last rent that her husband paid was when he was living with them. They had no other option rather than she moving to the street with her children until they found somewhere to sleep.

After a couple of days on the street, they finally came across a family who gave them their outside kitchen as a place they could live. It does not look that good but they do not move around anymore however bad it looks. When it rains, she wakes up and finds a place to put her children because the roof is too damage yet they are inside.  

When the owner wants to cook food, they have to wait outside until the cooking is done because the smoke may affect the children and her as well.

It has been 9 years now, and she still don’ t know where her husband is and they have tried to live their life without him which is hard but believe that one day everything will be okay. This is what keeps them moving. She sells maize along the roadside just so that she can get food for her children, and this is where she spends most of her time.


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