“Don’t give your love to a fool” – Prophet Oduro to ladies

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Outspoken man of God and founder of the Alabaster Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has asked his church members especially the ladies not to give their love to any foolish guy.

Speaking during a church service on Sunday, the man of God who is known for saying the truth without fear or favour revealed that most men behave like “pigs and dogs” therefore the need to be careful when dealing with them.

According to the outspoken pastor, ladies should not be deceived by their beauty to think they can do whatever they want without thinking about the effect it would have on them.Furthermore, he revealed that choosing a partner should be something ladies take very much time and care when choosing their husbands as the wrong man can ruin you.

“Do not be deceived by your beauty into giving your heart out to a fool and also be careful you do not marry a fool because a holy thing is not supposed to be given to dogs and pigs” he was heard saying.


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