#Fixityourself: Abena Moet slams DKB, Kennedy Agyapong, others

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Radio media personality and Okay FM presenter, Abena Moet has joined the company of Ghanaians on social media who kicking against the #Fixityourself campaign on social media.

According to Abena moet, the idea that the country’s development is dependent on the actions of the Citizens it’s unacceptable because the government was voted into office by these same people to solve their issues.

She indicated that the people who are attacking the fix the country are only being naive and indifferent to the economical and financial crisis besieging the country.

Her comments comes after Vice President of IMANI Africa Kofi Bentil has described the counter-trend on Twitter #fixyourself as an arrogant way of responding to concerns raised by Ghanaians.

Ghana’s youth have since the beginning of the week been on the case of the government of Ghana calling on it to make life better.

To the youth, they expect the systems to work in order for them to be able to thrive in the country and ensure a better living standard.

However, some leading members of the governing NPP and its footsoldiers have been on a counter with a hashtag reminding Ghanaians to fix themselves before they call on government to fix the country because they are the persons destroying the country.

Reacting to the counter hashtags from the side of the government, Kofi Bentil indicated that it is the highest form of arrogance and disrespect to the same people whose taxes feed the government and its appointees.

His opinion which he shared on his Facebook page read “When your employer tells you to do your job, you don’t turn around and tell them to fix their attitude!! Especially after you’ve loaded yourself with perks paid for with their taxes.It’s the height of arrogance!!”.


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