Ernesto Yeboah claims there’s more to come with #FixTheCountr Demo

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Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah who took part in the #FixTheCountry demonstration, has disclosed that similar protests like the one held on [Wednesday, August 4, 2021], will take place in other parts of the country.

He further explained that the organisers are not going to rest until the country gets better. He made this known on Citi News interview during the demonstration.

According to him, the plight of the ordinary Ghanaians is their sole reason for the protest.

He thus assured Ghanaians not to worry, adding that they are ready to put the leaders of the country on their toes.

“This is the beginning of more protests. We will be rolling out our plans for what next and Ghanaians should be sure that every space in this country is going to have a taste of what has happened here in Accra.”

The well-attended protest was to pile pressure on the government to address Ghana’s numerous challenges, including youth unemployment, poor infrastructure, and high cost of living.

The street protest comes after several weeks of social media mobilization amidst a legal tussle that nearly stopped the protest.

He said “We are re-giving birth to Ghana. This is a reborn of Ghana everybody here has answered the roll call and that is precisely what is happening.

We are ready to build a new and independent nation, we are ready to commit ourselves to new ways,” he said.

He further accused political leadership of ripping off the nation through constitutional leadership.

“That is why they are stealing and ripping us in broad daylight under the guise of the constitutional leadership.

“What we have is not a Constitution, it is a notebook for stealing and rigging and plundering the state.”

“Recently, we saw what Article 71 officeholders did and we also saw what the same group of people have done for workers in this country in terms of increment in salaries, 4%. So there must be an awakening.”


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