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An officer of the National Gendarmerie has reportedly shot to death a child who was going to school early morning in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.
According to eyewitnesses, the child was being accompanied to school in a vehicle by her mother when the gendarme stopped them around the check point in Molyko.

In an attempt to park the vehicle off the road, the gendarme is said to have immediately opened fire from the back which burst through the back screen of the vehicle before hitting the child who died instantly.

Other reports indicates that, the mother of the child who was the driver refused to pay a fine of 500FCFA charged by the officer. Whatever the case is, the Gendarmerie felt the best way to o handle this was to draw out his gun and in an attempt to stop the driver, he killed an innocent child.

The angly crowd immediately descended on the scene to effect mob justice on the gendarme as activities have been paralysed in Buea.


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