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Hundreds of commuters have been left stranded and communities cut off after close to three hours of rain flooded major parts of the Ashanti Region.

The situation resulted in heavy vehicular traffic on major streets and intersections.Vehicles were stuck and stranded passengers had no option than to trek long distances to their homes.

At Asabi in the Asokore Mampong Municipality, for instance, four persons were rescued after a vehicle they were in fell into a drain.

Officials of the National Disaster Management Organization, the Ghana National Fire Service, and the Police were working together to help people cross to their homes.

Asokore Mampong NADMO Operations Director, Alhaji Mohammed Faisal, said this situation had become normal when it rains heavily.His concern was that people tried to brave the flood conditions to get to their destinations.

“They usually force themselves through the waters and it is very dangerous. We have been educating them about the situation but due to negligence, some of them try to cross [the flood waters].”

“Mostly it floods here, especially in the waterlogged areas,” he added.


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