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The Chief of Choggu in the Tamale Metropolis of the Northern Region, Naa Alhassan Mohammed, has fined four suspected gays each GHC 1, 200 for desecrating his land.

Two of the four were handed over to the chief after confusion broke out leading to the spilling out of what had happened.

According to a witness, the two partners, whose names were not given, were found around Choggu arguing because one had ended the relationship.

Incensed by the break-up the other took machete to attack his partner.

This attracted onlookers who intervened and upon interrogation it was revealed they were gay.

The two were handed over to the Choggu Naa and upon further interrogation they named two others who were also hauled before the chief.The chief, in his pronouncement, said its against the land and Islam.

He said this is a lesson to all those practicing the act.“What they have done is desecrating the land and its against the gods. I have laws under my jurisdiction so I am finding them GHC1,200 each and a ram to pacify the gods.

But there are laws of the land and so I will hand them over to the police. If the law says they are guilty they will be dealt with and if it says they are not the law will determine. So I am handing them over to the police. May God expose all those in this act,” he said.


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