Edon Do!! Legon Male Graduand graduates in Women’s Outfit [Video]

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Legon Student surprisingly wears heels and ladies dress to graduation.

On certain occasions in life one would always desire to wear the best of his/her outfit to Grace that one-time occasion to make it a memorable one.

That kind of unique mindset is quite different from how some people see it as male student from the University of Ghana-Legon gets popular on social media for wearing a cross-dressing suit to his graduation.

In a video he prepared to commemorate his scholastic achievement, the young man wore a female attire with 6-inch heels to his graduation.

The viral video has sparked a lot of discussion online, with many people debating and criticising his graduation attire.

The Legon Student really wore heels and ladies dress to graduation!The young man identified as Xorlali wore a ladies outfit to his graduation and scored his look with a 6 inch heels as seen in the video making waves online.

Xorlali was seen in a royal blue jumpsuit with both arm sides composed of lace and an open based-edge in a video on twitter.

Over the jumpsuit, he wore a white and navy blue corset.His choice of shoes, a clear 6-inch high heel that he proudly pranced in while showing off his superb dance talents with his graduation sash around his neck, was the icing on the cake.

Check his video below;


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